How to rid my house of rats

A quick 7-point wild critter avoidance checklist

To help prevent squirrels, raccoons and other such pests invading your property, here are a few simple avoidance measures to take.

  1. Take pet bowls and any foodstuff bags inside overnight
  2. Clean up seed and hulls from below any bird feeders
  3. Clear away wood, brush, or weed piles
  4. Seal cracks in the foundations of your property
  5. Use squirrel-averse bird feeders
  6. Keep garbage stored in a shed or garage until collection day
  7. Place fences around both property margins and any valuable trees

If you have already been invaded, or would like further prevention advice, talk to our Best Pest Control teams in Montana: 406-635-8902, or Wyoming: 307-240-8075.