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wasps making nest on my house

Wasp pest control

Best Pest Control knows how to keep wasps away from your Helena home. Wasps are aggressive flyers who prey on a large variety of other bugs like flies, spiders, and more. But if anyone in your household has an allergy to wasps or you just don’t want to risk having them in your yard, then…
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Wasps making a nest on my house

Pest control services

If you live in Helena, pest control challenges can be prevented with a few simple tasks. Today, Best Pest Control offers Montana homeowners a few tips on how to avoid issues with bugs and critters. Instead of having to defend against pest intruders, act with these proven effective interior and exterior pest control tips. A…
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cock roach in my sink

Getting rid of cockroaches

At Best Pest Control, we have proven methods for dealing with cockroaches in Helena, Montana. You can always try to deal with a pest problem yourself as a homeowner or renter. There are many products available and methods you can attempt to get rid of an infestation. If you find them ineffective, our experienced team…
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Finding the right pest control service

Are there creepy creatures crawling in your home in Helena, Montana or a  rodent problem that never disappears no matter how many times you set the trap? You need a local pest control service to solve the problem for you! Pest control companies can find the root cause of your pest problem and deal with…
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I found fleas in my house

Dealing with fleas

Many residents and business owners in Helena Montana believe that only pet owners deal with flea infestations. Worse yet, some people believe that fleas are relatively harmless. The fact is that fleas often cause expensive and even life-threatening problems: Costly removal: Even if you use do-it-yourself flea spray or bug bombs, you will have to…
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Need an ant exterminator

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Ants in Your Home

When most homeowners see an ant in their homes, they generally either kill them or put them outside. Either way, they don’t put too much thought into it and just move on. Here’s why that’s a bad idea. While most ants are relatively innocuous, some ant infestations could cause serious damage to your home in…
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Bed bug exterminator near me

Bed Bug treatment

Bed bugs have long had a reputation of inhabiting homes with poor sanitation. That’s just not true. The reality is that bed bugs will infest even the cleanest homes and other properties. While cluttered spaces give bed bugs plenty of places to hide and feast, bed bugs are very adaptable and can infest just about…
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Best Pest Control Logo

A Guide to the Most Common Bug Bites

As we all move into the dog days of summer, you may have noticed an increase in friendly but annoying bugs. Helena is home to a variety of bugs, not all of which are great to have around. Some of them are regional, and some are special cases, brought in from other states by travelers.…
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is this a bed bug

Bed Bug Treatment Helena

Bed Bug Treatment Helena Montana Best Pest Control Helena Bed bugs, like many other insects, are tough to find because they hide during the day. They are mainly found in areas where humans typically stay, like hotels, motels, inns, and hostels. However, they also like to hide in messy and damp places, such as kitchens,…
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spiders in my house

A thousand baby spiders!

Viewed in an aquarium, we suppose that some people might find a collection of a thousand or so juvenile arachnids cute – although many wouldn’t! But it certainly wouldn’t be acceptable were this type of infestation present in your home! Yet that could be a potential outcome of just one spider leaving a single egg…
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Vole removal near Helena

Can coronavirus be spread by voles?

According to a report by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), a “small number of pet cats and dogs have been reported to be infected with the virus.” Currently, the CDC is working closely with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in observing mammals. Although voles – otherwise known as meadow mice – aren’t…
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Best Pest Control truck Cheyenne WY

Why you don’t want voles in your yard

Voles, sometimes referred to as meadow mice or field mice, are one of the lesser-known yard pests. They are also pests that should be taken care of proactively since they are capable of causing significant damage to both your lawn and garden. You are more prone to have a vole infestation if your yard has…
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